When the warrior Tagïlïk from Kïtay
Had said these words,
The black-bearded Boroonchu,
Hearing Tagïlïk speak
About Manas,
Became very much distressed,
Many other great men -
Mankushta and Döödür, the giants
The cut-eared Kaman, the giant -
Many people stood,
In attendance to Esenkhan.
Other ruling khans were there.
The skilled spearmen
7290 Who knew how to defeat the enemy,
Hearing the name of Manas,
All trembled together,
Their emperor Esenkhan
Rose, his voice trembling with rage,
The "Moon" jangjung and "Sun" jangjung
Were his two advisors,
What can khan Esenkhan do?
Swelling up with rage,
He began to plan a disaster.
7300 People were scared to death when he growled,
Striking like a gray lion,
The great Esenkhan
Spoke to this incredible assembly,
He began to spew forth his wrath,
His roar broke the rocks,
He almost wanted to slaughter
All his giant warriors standing there:
"You, the great men and khans,
All the people standing here,
7310 How dare you have done such a miserable thing,
Calling some other boy "Manas"?
I had sent a special expert
To the good-for-nothing Buruts,
How could you miss Manas?
There were soothsayers and experts
Who had studied wonders,
There were fortune-tellers and old men,
All the knowledgeable men were there
Who could foretell now
7320 The sufferings of six months in advance.
The khans sitting in palaces
And men who can foretell
The sufferings of six months,
Who had studied the book of divination,
My strong men wearing mail shirts,
I had ordered you to find the bloodthirsty one,
But you lied to save your lives
By bringing the wrong boy.
7330 How can I forgive you!?"
He summoned his soothsayers,
Lamps were lit on the towers,
The bells rang loudly,
When Tagïlïk brought the news
The palace of Esenkhan
Quickly filled up with great men.
His great men came in masses,
He planned a disaster,
Esenkhan was so enraged
He almost slaughtered
7340 All the great men.
"You, the head of the soothsayers,
You, the giant Döngö, the great warrior,
You had indeed gone [to fetch Manas]
Without wearing your bejeweld Beijing coat
And your bulletproof armor
With golden collars and copper sleeves.
My beastlike warrior,
You had gone there
7350 Without knowing what he looked like!
I had told you then,
That his name was Manas, the great,
And that he was the beast to destroy this world.
Hadn't you heard me then?
Hadn't I told you this then?
Hadn't you heard me then?
I had told you that
From those enemy bloodthirsty Buruts,
From the people called Burut -
May those people burn in fire! -
7360 Who practice Islam as their faith
And who are our enemies in their hearts,
Manas would be born
And that Manas' appearance was such and such.
Hadn't I told you this then?
That Manas who was born from
Those Buruts - may they die from madness! -
From those people called Burut,
Had the following body and features,
After he was born
7370 He had pierced ears
And was circumcised.
Those who saw him were distressed,
His whole appearance was such,
That he looked like a prophet.
Unable to identify his features,
You kept it a secret from me
And dub me a deep grave.
Unable to bring him to me,
You, the good-for-nothing soothsayers,
7380 Had come from baraadan,
All of you had come from the wilderness
Speaking mere lies,
Good-for-nothing soothsayers,
You had indeed dug me a grave
And had boiled me a long time ago.
The wicked soothsayers,
How could you dare to lie to me
Saying that you had brought Manas!
7390 You had heard my words then,
The good-for-nothing soothsayers,
How can I accept your wild stories,
That you had fetched the great man
Speaking lies based on nothing.?!
How dare you hide the truth from me,
By bringing someone else as Manas?!
I won't listen to you even if you beseech me,
Just wait and see, you warriors,
7400 I will carve out your eyes altogether!"
Khan Esenkhan got ready,
Feeling outraged,
He launched a disaster
By slaughtering completely
Forty of the soothsayers.
There was a big field of the khan
To which he summoned all the warriors
And put them in the middle
For a harsh punishment.
7410 Shouting with rage
He summoned them to himself:
"The 'lions' of the spearmen, come before me,
Lions who know how to trick the enemy, come before me,
Skilled spearmen, come before me,
Experts who how to trick the enemy, come before me!
Only the brave men come who don't shy away
From the crack of a black gun!
7420 Only the brave men come who don't shy away
From the noise of a terrifying gun.
Those who have long sharp spears, come,
Those brave men who swing a mean axe, come,
Those who would not hesitate to cause
A great massacre among the Burut, come.
Go and fetch only the strong ones
Of the good-for-nothing Burut,
And kill off all the weak ones.
Gather all their brave men,
7430 Slaughter them as sacrifice,
Drag them on the road
And have them devoured by wild dogs,
If you get hold of Manas,
Their bloodthirsty twelve-year-old,
Without killing or harming him,
Fetch him to me alive!
Let us amuse ourselves
By having the bloodthirsty good-for-nothing
Breed with our young women. [1]
7440 If one of them gives birth to a son from Manas,
Without saying a word to anyone,
We should place a golden crown on his head
Seat the boy on a golden throne
And proclaim this boy as our khan.
If you can’t catch him,
You will face a terrible misfortune,
All your warriors with large coats,
And all your khans
7450 Will perish from khan Manas.
7460 When he grows up and becomes a brave man
Equal to the sons of brave men,
He will take away the throne of Beijing
If he stays alive.
He will plunder all your mares,
He will wipe your people out
By hunting them and making them scream,
He will make the Chïnmachïn in Beijing
Cry out for their lives.
He is the only boy who can destroy
Beijing through which the Flood did not flow,
7470 He is the only boy who can attain
Where Alexander could not. [2]
He has unusual strength and great wrath,
He shows no mercy to his enemy,
And mows down those who strike against him.
His might equals that of a mountain,
That Burut is a wicked man,
Who can devour those who strike against him.
All the people had known
That Manas' name was Manas,
7480 It had been recorded in the record books
When Manas was born
He would bring misfortune
And take over the throne
Of Beijing, which shines with heavenly light.
His name had been recorded
In the cadastres of the Kakans in Beijing,
Right when Manas was born
There was an earthquake
In Beijing itself.
7490 I had sent to fetch Manas,
But my soothsayers, misguided,
All missed the boy,
You make my fury boil
And all my soothsayers
Are condemned to die.
The strong men wearing coats of mail,
Listen carefully to what I say,
Don't let Manas get away,
All you warriors, listen to me,
7500 Tie him up and bring him to me.
The good-for-nothing Kyrgyz of forty families,
That wicked Burut, had hidden him
Saying that his son's name was 'Fool'.
Look how this Burut managed
To achieve his goal,
Look how this Burut hid him,
Lying that his son's name was 'Fool'!
He got a swelled head when he came to Altay.
As soon as Manas becomes full-grown,
7510 He will mercilessly massacre my people,
As soon Manas becomes a brave man,
He will set fire to pastures with feather grass,
By wiping out Beijing entirely,
He will set fire to pastures with sedge.
He won't let us live in Beijing,
That bloodthirsty good-for-nothing
Won't spare us, if he grows up.
The reason he won't spare us
7520 Is because we of Beijing interrupted their migration,
Murdered his seven forefathers,
Tied their hands and legs
And made them all suffer greatly.
Manas has a revenge to take.
A wild pig-natured, brave Joloy,
My commander with a mail coat,
My noble warrior Döngö,
Who doesn't retreat from fire,
Only those truly skilled warriors
Should go to capture Manas
7530 And hand him over to me,
You who have no fear of death itself,
You are strong as iron
Your might equals a mountain,
Not just one, but many of you should go
All of you who look like lions,
My warriors, go, all of you!
Khan Joloy of the Kalmyks,
Your bravery is exceptional,
7540 You possess enormous strength,
When you campaign in the gloom of autumn,
You level those who stand against you.
Not long ago on the Kap-Too mountain,
At the edge of Suuk-Tör,
You demonstrated your bravery
By fighting with giants
Like Kutan giant with iron ears,
Mangkush giant with an iron forehead,
Kiten giant with an iron navel,
7550 Kazan giant riding a bay horse,
And Kaman giant with cut ears.
You toppled the Kap-Too and turned it to dirt,
You tied up the five giants and made them into ordinary people.
You are great in everything,
You are the brave man to tie up
Some of the undefeatable giants,
It is you whom I trust the most
Among these many Kïtay.
You are the son of the Kara Kalmyks,
7560 You are like a house built on a mountain slope,
Your head alone, my noble one,
Equals those of a thousand warriors.
You are the slave who smells of wheat
Eating seven bins of wheat,
You are the son who smells of blood
Slaughtering seventy giants,
You are the slave who smells of wheat
Eating eight bins of wheat,
You are the son who smells of blood
7570 Slaughtering eighty warriors.
You have the might of a powerful man
Who doesn't spare his enemy,
You are Joloy with a great name,
No beast-like giant like yourself
Is found among the humans.
In the entire city of Chet-Beijing
I have no warrior like you,
Among the Kakanchïn in Beijing,
You are my backbone.
7580 You are my unfailing warrior
Who can defeat the enemy.
When the dawn breaks brightly,
When the light touches the earth,
When the dawn breaks,
When the dawn breaks brightly,
I will assemble
An army of ten thousand with seven banners,
Among the Chïnmachïn of Beijing,
7590 I will assemble only true warriors
Make them march one by one
And choose the strong men.
At the break of day
Set out with true warriors,
If you can, seize him,
If you are lucky, tie Manas up
And bring him here alive!
Döngö, Joloy, my warriors,
You both have the power to devastate the entire world,
7600 If you return empty-handed
Unable to exchange blows with him,
I don't want to see you at all,
Don't even come close to me!
If you return empty-handed, my warriors,
Unable to beat Manas,
I will cut off your heads with a sword
And slaughter all of you
Without questioning!
If you let Manas escape,
7610 Unable to exchange blows with him,
I will punish you severely
By throwing you into a deep dungeon
And make you suffer greatly, warriors!
Moreover, I will torture you,
By tying a rope around your necks
I will have you hung by a hangman
And punish you
By having your heads cut off by a sword!
7620 My warriors, think about it deeply,
If you can't carry out my order properly,
I won't spare any of you!"
That Esenkhan, a great man,
Assembled all his warriors
Together with Döngö and Joloy.
The drums were beaten hard,
Upon hearing the drums' sound
The teeming warriors
All came gathering before Esenkhan.
7630 There were many men
Speaking a language no human can understand
And having only one eye in their heads.
Thousands of such men arrived.
He gave them to the brave Döngö
To capture and fetch Manas.
These selected warriors
Were skilled horsemen and fast runners
Who had inhuman features,
If they attack, they cause great destruction.
7640 Following these men,
Among the warriors were
Orko and Kerke,
Skilled horsemen and fast runners,
Armed with iron chains,
And who didn't spare at all
The souls of their enemies.
Upon receiving their khan’s order
These two also arrived.
One group of the warriors
7650 Were skilled with the lassoo,
Another group of the warriors
Were skilled axemen.
Among these warriors
Were men all carrying iron ropes
And swords in their hands
And who encircled quickly
In capturing their enemy.
The most skilled of all the spearmen,
The greatest ones and
7660 The best warriors of all
Were Joloy and Döngö.
The strong men wearing mail coats,
The warriors wearing bullet-proof coats,
The destructive infidels
Shouted with rage,
Receiving the order from their khan,
The warriors got ready to set out
From the vast Beijing.
They had rhinoceroses, elephants,
7670 Mules and camels,
These teeming infidels
Had numerous giants as well.
In order to fetch Manas
And bring him alive
To their Chïlaba Esenkhan, [3]
The army swept all before it,
They weren't few, but countless,
The hearts of those who saw them stopped,
The clubs of the warriors
7680 Looked like small-sized yurts,
The giant warriors
Marched off for battle.
Raising clouds of dust,
The army thundered along,
The sky was clear, but the ground was overcast,
The tips of spears clashed,
The heads of the men struck each other,
The teeming warriors marched
7690 A thick forest, a relentless flood,
Waving their spotted banners,
Döngö and Giant Joloy
Riding horses like Achbuudan,
Marched behind the army
To push them along,
Khan Joloy was the great warrior
Of the Kara Kalmyk and Manchus.
Wearing a blue shirt of mail -
You should have seen Joloy -
7700 He was ready to pounce like a gray tiger,
His buttons of precious stones were as big as a fist -
You should have seen Döngö -
He, too, pounced like a gray lion.
He wore a blue bulletproof coat
With flowing hem,
His armor was stuffed with silk fiber
And woven with threads of steel,
It made a spearman's hand tired
7710 When striking him -
Those who saw this were amazed
The spear could not penetrate.
Wearing blue coats,
Riding mules and stallions,
Raising clouds of dust,
The teeming army thundered along,
The people of Beijing were aroused,
When counting the number of the army,
They easily numbered ten thousand,
7720 They weren't few, but many,
The copper pipes resounded,
The war pipes blared,
They blew their signal horns loudly,
They beat their drums hard,
The heads of the commanders of ten bobbed up and down,
All the spearmen dressed alike
Marched in the front, thrusting up their spears.
Seeing the commanders of thousands, [4]
The commanders of the hundreds ran,
7730 The commanders of fifty and hundreds,
Lost hope for their noble souls.
Dust whirled from the valley,
The cursed Kara Kalmyks
Filled the air with their incomprehensible song,
The teeming army advanced fast,
Those who saw them were distressed,
The teeming warriors marched in groups,
Esenkhan was indeed a great man,
7740 He gathered his people and ordered
That they tie up and fetch Manas.
Who was armed with mighty bows and iron-tipped arrows.
All his warriors,
Including the old warrior Döngö,
Upon receiving the harsh order from Esenkhan
Set out with the army of ten thousand
Sweeping the earth,
They carried seven banners
And made a shrill hue and cry
In all the places they reached.
7750 The drums were hit hard,
The army marched in confusion,
All kinds of giant warriors
Swept the entire earth.
They passed through rolling hills,
Marched over rough terrain,
Passed through many grand mountains,
And crossed through deep basins.
They traveled fast for many days
Snaking around the mountains
7760 And crossing over winding rivers,
Showing no mercy to the army,
The numerous soldiers reached
The mountains of Altay at last.
Döngö and Joloy
Were the leaders of the army.
Let's take a three-month rest here
And send an envoy to
Bay Jakïp, the Kyrgyz of forty families.
7770 Let's find out whether they are brave like lions
Or simply soft black earth.
Let’s found out whether these fugitives
Are indeed the Kyrgyz of forty families.
Noble Döngö, my warrior,
You give hundred men,
And I, Joloy khan from the Kalmyks
Will also give hundred men.
Let's fill the bags
With many precious stones and yellow gold
7780 And load them onto Esenkhan's forty camels,
Let's also add wide horns with tuning valves
To the camel loads,
And send six sarts [5] as heads [of caravan]
To 'trade' with [the Kyrgyz].
Let's have the warriors
Fold red silk and load it as trading goods.
May two hundred strong warriors,
Only the rude and vulgar ones, go there.
7790 Enter the yurt of the good-for-nothing Burut,
Dragging your horse whip, [6]
Sell all your goods
To the bewildered Burut,
Slaughter one of your camels
And hide him in the jabïk [7]
Of the good-for-nothing Jakïp.
All two hundred get together
And raise an accusation
That he stole your camel and killed him.

© 2005 Elmira Köçümkulkïzï. All rights reserved.